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The Organic Pharmacy – Guide To Health + Beauty


The Organic Pharmacy launches its first definitive book for anyone seeking to optimise the way they, and their whole family, look and feel. Written by Margo Marronne, Pharmacist and Homeopath, founder of The Organic Pharmacy, the book is packed full of guidance and advice on how to achieve your own health and beauty regimes naturally. Step-by-step programmes outline more than 30 common conditions, from sore throats to arthritis, acne to infertility, with herbal, homeopathic and dietary suggestions to help bring the body back into balance. Also featuring Margo’s renowned Detox Toolkit and 10 Day Detox Plan – The Organic Pharmacy – Guide To Health + Beauty will provide all the answers for you.

The complete guide to natural health and beauty.

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The Organic Pharmacy Promise

Our commitment to sourcing and using organic extracts has been one of our founding principles. The majority of our products are between 95-99.9% organic and we absolutely prohibit the use of artificial preservatives, fragrances and colorants. Instead, we preserve our products with natural extracts that still pass the rigorous tests necessary for safety. We source from local farmers whenever possible and are proud to say organic farming covers a whole host of issues including strict standards for animal welfare, energy efficiency, sustainability, fair trade, no enforced child labour and of course strict guidelines as to how the soil is treated and the avoidance of chemical poisons such as pesticides and herbicides which are not only poisonous to us, but also the wildlife and the environment.

Seaweed says

A fantastic and informative book for the whole family, covering health and beauty!


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