Steenbergs – Organic Madras Curry Powder


Steenbergs Organic Madras Curry Mix is a Medium Hot Curry Powder.

Curries – as we know them – are an invention of the British Raj. They are thought to have been invented in the 19th century for members of the East India Company. Axel Steenberg has created Steenbergs everday curry mix – organic Madras Curry Powder – to be a classic British style curry mix and to be really versatile. 

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The core elements to Steenbergs Organic Madras Curry Powder are the sweet spices (almost like our mixed spice) of cinnamon. Pungent spices such as cloves, cardamom and cumin add a depth of character. Steenbergs organic Indian chilli and organic fenugreek, Keralan organic black pepper and Sri Lankan organic ginger give it some bite – our mild and hot curry powders simply have higher/lower amounts of chilli powder. These almost conflicting flavours are melded together by amalgamating spices  – organic fennel seeds, organic coriander seeds and organic turmeric (which also gives it a characteristic yellow colour).  At Steenbergs, we then add a little powdered organic garlic and organic onion to increase the versatility of the curry mix.

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You can use a small amount to lift a vegetable soup or as a dry marinade on beef before barbecuing or mixed with mayonnaise for curried eggs during Christmas or perhaps even for a Saturday night curry meal! We stock a wonderful range of organic World Cuisine spices and flavour mixes by Steenbergs.

We have cherry picked favourites such as Steenbergs – Organic Fairtrade Garam Masala, China 5 Spice and many more….


Ingredients for Steenbergs Organic Madras Curry Powder Spice Mix – organic cumin powder , organic coriander powder , organic onion powder , organic turmeric ( haldi ), organic garlic powder , organic organic fenugreek powder , organic ginger spice powder , organic yellow mustard powder , organic ground black pepper powder , organic chilli powder , organic ground cinnamon powder , organic green cardamom powder , organic ground cloves powder

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