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Steenbergs – Organic Green Cardamom Pods


Cardamom is a wonderful spice that is prized in Indian, Scandinavian and Middle Eastern cookery. Sweet, spicy, warm and aromatic, these organic Fairtrade cardamom pods add that distinctive touch to curries, breads and more. Try Steenbergs – Organic Green Cardamom Pods in a strong milky tea, just like Indian chai or perhaps in a traditional Keralan rice pudding.  Steenbergs organic Fairtrade cardamom pods come from Steenbergs Fairtrade spice growers at the Small Organic Farmers Association in Sri Lanka.

Fair-trade Organic Green Cardamon Pods 33g

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Cardamom is a tropical perennial plant that grows in the shade, often beneath larger shade trees like areca nut, disliking windy weather. Cardamom has long, arching lance-like leaves that are 1-2 metres long (3-6 ft), which are shiny on top and dull underneath. Cardamom plants are grown from rhizomes. The leaves are large and dramatic, but the stems emerge from the base of the plant and spread out close to the base, where small white flowers blossom before the pods grow. The bright green and plump cardamom pods are hand picked from the base and are largely flavourless in the fresh form. The fresh cardamom pods are then dried in a large shed, often helped by industrial drying systems that run through the drying area. After 3 – 4 days, the cardamom pods have become dry and highly aromatic. The seeds are inside the dry husks of the papery outer husk and are dark brown in colour, with a strong medicinal eucalypt aroma and are slightly oily.

The taste of the seeds is warm, camphorous and eucalypt, slightly astringent and refreshing on the tongue. While cardamom is a pungent spice, green cardamom works well in curries and as an enhancement to black tea or coffee. The powdered cardamom is used to flavour biscuits, cakes and pastries. For something really delicious, combine cardamom pods with rose water and a little saffron to infuse the milk for warm rice puddings, creating a sensuous and rich pudding.


  • Flavours: Pungent
  • Cuisines: European, Indian, Middle Eastern
  • Ingredient features: Fairtrade, Organic, Salt free, Sugar free, Vegan

Nutritional information

  • Values per 100g:
  • Energy 311kCal; 1303kJ
  • Fat 6.7g
  • Carbohydrates 68.5g
  • Protein 10.8g
  • Values per 2.5g teaspoon:
  • Energy 8kCal; 33kJ
  • Fat 0.2g
  • Carbohydrates 1.7g
  • Protein 0.3g

Seaweed says

We stock a vast and comprehensive selection of Steenbergs Organic herbs and spices, for all you culinary needs.

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Green Cardamom Pods

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