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Necta & Hive – Jarrah Honey 22+ TA Honey


Boost your overall wellbeing and support your natural defences with high TA, active healing Jarrah honey.

Jarrah honey is the colour of amber and is thick and satisfyingly syrupy in consistency. If you love a honey with a rich, full bodied yet smooth caramel-like flavour, you’ll love Necta & Hive Jarrah honey.

With one of the highest TA ratings on the market, eat this honey whenever you’re demanding more from your immune system, such as during the winter, when travelling or when life is simply hectic.

Higher in fructose and lower in glucose than other honeys, this honey won’t crystallise, meaning it stays smooth and runny, ideal for drizzling on granola, adding to warm, cosy drinks or eating from the spoon.

Weight: 250g

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Seaweed says

BOOST – If you’re naturally being exposed to more bugs such as during the winter or if you’re travelling or feeling under the weather, help defend yourself by switching to a higher TA honey, such as our Jarrah 22+ TA honey each day.


100% Unpasteurised Honey

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