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Ancient + Brave – Coffee + Collagen



Ancient + Brave’s finely ground, deliciously indulgent, organic Brazilian coffee has a distinctive nutty flavour with hints of cherry and chocolate.

Coffee + Collagen is a ground-breaking upgraded coffee which is rich in antioxidants and nutrient dense. It’s designed to deliver clear, calm and focused energy whilst working to boost the skin’s radiance. The caffeine in this high protein, high fibre blend works as great a great delivery system for the potent amounts of skin nourishing collagen, adrenal restorative Siberian ginseng and subtly sweet cacao.

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250g (up to 25 servings)

  • All of the plant based ingredients are organic and Soil Association approved
  • Generous amounts of grass fed bovine collagen
  • 2000mg of nourishing True Collagen per serving
  • High levels of antioxidants
  • Helps you fast for longer
  • Adaptogen rich
  • Low levels of mycotoxins
  • High grown
  • High in polyphenols
  • Improves cognition
  • Enhances performance during exercise

Wake up and make a delicious Ancient + Brave brew. Mix 2 scoops (10g) of Coffee + Collagen with 250ml hot water or plant based mylk.

To follow the Brave Method blend with 1 tsp of grass fed butter and 1 tsp of True MCT. For supplemental collagen intake add 1 to 2 tsp of True Collagen.


The Brave Method is ancient wisdom made relevant by cutting edge science. This simple lifestyle strategy can significantly improve your overall health through a balanced use of 14 to 16 hour fasting windows three to seven days a week. This is most easily achieved by transposing fasting hours across the night, for example, if you eat your last meal at 7pm you may typically eat again between 9am – 11am the following day.


This intermittent fasting method supports the evolutionary concept of a larger fasting window and a smaller eating window, whilst being supported by an abundance of peer-reviewed research showing the dramatic health benefits for the metabolism, the brain, the heart and anti-ageing. By adopting the eating patterns of our ancestors and exposing yourself to periodic cycles of feast and famine you are working in the most preventative way to avoid chronic disease.


However, unlike other fasting regimes where you only drink water or no calorie beverages, which can lead to intense hunger and distractedness, Ancient + Brave has created a line of delicious blends designed to assist you during your fasting window, whilst delivering incredible morning nutrition. We recommend a morning intake of Coffee + Collagen or Cacao + Collagen, blended with True MCT and, for a creamier brew grass fed butter – all in the quest of optimal fat burning and improved mental and physical performance.

Ancient + Brave’s potent synergistic combination of coffee or cacao and adaptogenic herbs found in their blends, the healthy facts in Ancient + Brave’s True MCT, and the key amino acids found in their True Collagen redefines fasting by preventing an unhealthy stress response, assists fat burning, reduces inflammation and keeps you satiated whitest delivering optimal nutrition.

These products can continue to be used throughout the day, even when you are out of fasting mode, as they deliver key nutrients with targeted health benefits, all contained within a delicious hot drink.

Seaweed says

The quality and provenance of this range is phenomenal, this company and what it delivers literally blew us away. To intermittent fast is a minefield and we feel the Brave Method makes fasting clear and easy to achieve.  We enjoy the Coffee + Collagen so much we have it daily at Seaweed HQ.  Our kids love the Cacao + Collagen before bed which helps them get a good night sleep and the True Collagen alone has given us strong nails and fabulous gut health.

For fasting use with True MCT


Organic Brazilian Coffee*
Grass-fed Bovine Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides
Organic Raw Cacao*
Organic Ashwagandha*
Organic Chicory Root*
Organic Baobab*

Typical Nutritional Values

Per 100g Per 10g serving
Energy 1481kJ / 355kcal 148.1kJ/ 35.5kcal
Fat 9g 0.9g
of which saturates 3.51g 0.35g
monounsaturates 0.76g 0.08g
polyunsaturates 4.34g 0.43g
Carbohydrate 22.12g 2.21g
of which sugar 0.5g 0.05g
Fibre 30.05g 3.01g
Protein 31.25g 3.13g
Salt 0.18g 0.02g

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