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Packaging Policy

Here, at Seaweed, we feel passionate about loving and protecting our beautiful Earth’s environment and will sell brands that share our ethos.  We will do all we can to recycle and use biodegradable products as much as possible. This not only applies to the products that we sell to you but also the packaging we use to get your goods safely to you.


We aim to use a range of suitably sized boxes to enable us to get your goods to you safely without excess stuffing.  Our boxes are made from corrugated cardboard which is easily recyclable.


Our Seaweed boxes are sealed with Kraft self-adhesive paper tape which is recyclable and degradable with the boxes. 

Your new products will be lovingly wrapped with Geami WrapPak, a combination of Kraft paper and tissue interleaf, that cushions your goods during shipment and is recyclable.  For any extra padding, we will use loose fill chips, made from starch, and 100% biodegradable which assists with the reduction of landfill, leaving no harmful residues.

Occasionally we may use second hand packaging from our suppliers which might not necessarily be as eco-friendly as we would normally use, but we feel that reusing the packaging is more environmentally friendly than contributing to landfill.


Even if it’s just one more use, it’s still Recycling…!


Being kind to the environment is in the forefront of our business philosophy at Seaweed, so we will not stop here!  We are always looking for environmentally positive packaging and new eco-friendly ideas and will keep implementing them as we continue to grow and evolve with our customer’s help and feedback. 


Love Team Seaweed x