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Melanie started her career in the events industry, where travel and long hours were the norm. This was an exciting and varied lifestyle, but Melanie came to view the relentless working demands as unsustainable. Like many living a fast paced lifestyle she was at risk from burning out, so made the bold move to leave this line of work and follow a more holistic lifestyle.


Since this point, Melanie has delved into multiple disciplines in this arena, including Sports Massage, Hypnotherapy and Personal Training. A qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Melanie believes that understanding yourself and your behaviours is vital in effectively pursuing a balanced life of wellbeing.


Paired with her passion for pure wellness products and organic living, this made starting Seaweed Limited with best friend Emma an exciting next step. Here, Melanie’s lifelong lessons, learnings and passions are put to their best use, where each day is spent researching, sourcing and testing the best pure products on the market, to add to their bespoke curation.


Melanie hopes that even those with little time to explore the world of wellness will be able to use Seaweed as their go-to place for the simplest ways to feel and live better.