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We all remember the roller coaster journey of being a teenager, from the joys of  experiencing more independence to the inevitable mood swings and growing pains. 

As a teenager we go through the most intense physical and mental developmental changes of our lifetime, so with only a small proportion of teenagers receiving the vital nutrients they need, at Seaweed we are proud to offer a pure and powerful solution…Teenboy and Teengirl Daily Multi Nutrients!

As a very brief snapshot, these bespoke Multi Nutrients support teen boys and girls in just the ways their bodies need them:

  • Promotes healthy bones & teeth – contains Vitamin D, Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium to support growing bones and strong teeth. This is especially key for teens who have experienced a growth spurt.
  • Supports a healthy mood and brain development – contains B Vitamins and Magnesium to support a healthy mood, brain and cognitive development, optimising your teen’s concentration, learning and memory.
  • Promotes energy and recovery from fatigue – provides essential energy to support the rapid growth and development of teens during this highly demanding life stage.
  • Supports fluctuating hormones – contains Vitamin B6 and Zinc to support hormones for healthy hormone and menstrual development, mood and skin.

The boys includes zinc for immunity and testosterone production, while the girls has added B vitamins for energy and fatigue reduction. Being specially formulated for their growing minds and bodies, the boys also include reishi and ashwagandha respectively.   

These supplements provide a unique and bespoke combination of food-grown nutrients that are readily absorbed by the body and designed specifically for teenagers. What’s more, Subscribe and Save with us and get 10% your repeated orders of these fantastic nutrients…their children’s and adult men’s and women’s offerings are in stock now and equally as impressive.

As an added support to girls starting their periods and to help them keep on top of depleted iron levels, fatigue and lightheadedness common during this time, pair a daily Food Grown Iron Plus supplement with the Teengirl Multivitamins. These are readily absorbed by the body as they are recognised as a food source and are a real help in balancing the peaks and troughs of this challenging time.

From a nutritional perspective, it’s fair to say that this time in a child’s life can be the most continuously demanding. With physical, mental and emotional drains coming thick and fast alongside the pressures of school and friends, the foods our young people sustain themselves with has never been more important. 

Keep healthy snacks in the cupboard to avoid those sugar spikes and allow energy to be released gradually – things like nuts, seeds and dried fruit are great for this.

Set teens up right for the day and help them feel energised and ready to learn with these super simple brekkies they can make themselves, even when in a rush for the school bus!

  1. Whole grain toast – serve with sugar-free peanut butter and sliced banana, delicious and made in moments.

  2. Homemade nut and seed bars – simply blend equal parts dates and cashews with a handful of pumpkin seeds until the nut oils compact them together. Once cooled for an hour in the fridge, cut into bar shapes and then refrigerate overnight.

3. Fruity porridge equal parts water, oats, and milk (non-dairy works just as well) with mixed berries added whilst cooking. Sprinkle flaked almonds when serving, and add a little honey for sweetness if needed.