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Like so many other people this festive season, co-founder Melanie caught Covid. Being very lucky she wasn’t too poorly, although experienced headaches, a runny nose, dry and chesty coughs plus lethargy that saw her through the full 10 days. 

Happily on the other side of it now, Melanie explains how she took care of herself during the illness and is bringing her body back to its best since recovering…

Fortunate to have an arsenal of pure vitamins from Wild Nutrition in her store cupboard, Melanie kept up her ritual of taking these, to bolster her immune system and keep her systems running as efficiently as they could.

She also upped her superfood intake and added them to her smoothies every morning, finding that these paired with four well considered pure powders increased her energy levels and sped up her recovery. The actual process of making the smoothie also worked as a valuable act of self love during isolation, and is one Melanie’s kept up since and feels the benefits of daily.

Melanie’s son kindly lends a hand each evening, measuring out each of the powders into one little pot of magic, so they just need to be added to the fresh ingredients each morning.

‘This smoothie nourishes the body at every level from cells to skin and is one I’m hooked on and enjoy daily,’ Melanie says. ‘If you’re looking for one simple way to boost your health, give this a go for a week and see what changes you notice’.

Melanie’s Health Boosting Smoothie:

Blend together until smooth, adding a little cold water until you reach a consistency you’re happy with. Enjoy straight away and have a great day!

Alongside this powerful addition to Melanie’s diet are the following three little gems she’s kept a close eye on these last few weeks…

  • Sleep! Lots of rest and having a quiet, calm bedtime routine will encourage a restorative night. A cup of WelleCo’s Sleep Welle tea and lighting a beautifully scented pure candle will point you in the right direction.
  • Keep hydrated! Two to three litres a day to help flush out your system when poorly will promote faster recovery, not to mention add a little lustre to your skin. If water isn’t your thing, add some lemon slices, mint leaves or blueberries to jazz it up a little.
  • Enjoy some fresh air. Easier said than done when isolating, but even laps of the garden or deep breaths out the window freshen the mind and pep you up. Post-Covid, Melanie has gradually been extending her walks and upping her speed, each day noticing her stamina and strength returning.

Let us know how you’re keeping well this winter, by posting and sharing to @seaweedlimited and #purelovelife – we love to hear how our extended Seaweed family is trucking along!