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This wonderful time of year often brings with it a flurry of festive events, where we get time to celebrate with those we truly care about.

The people we spend our lives with bring colour and texture to our days and at Seaweed HQ, we love nothing more than taking this time to cherish them.

Time passes even quicker when spent having fun, so we always try to take a little time to be thankful, take stock and look ahead to the year in front of us.

Here are five ways Team Seaweed offers thanks at Christmas time…


  1. Get outdoors – be it a forest, the sea, your local park or even a garden centre, time around nature is always time well spent.


  2. Be mindful, just 15 minutes each day makes the world of difference, whether you’re 8 or 88. We’d recommend starting at just five minutes and building up from there, even one mindful breath is a moment to revere. If you appreciate a little guidance, Deliciously Ella has a gorgeous new app with some accessible breathwork and meditation exercises to try out.


  3. Respect the planet. We aim to pack all of our parcels in recycled and recyclable packaging, and source our phenomenal pure range by scrutinising each company’s eco credentials as well as the efficacy of their products. Buying food and gifts as locally as possible is also very important to us, supporting local businesses at a time when it’s easy to bulk order the Quality Streets!


  4. Give back – our last pop up in Lymington with a group of incredible local businesses raised over £4,000 for the incredible Oakhaven Hospice. It’s so important to take a moment to care for our own immune systems and reset too, to ensure we’re fit and healthy to care for those around us.


  5. Spend time with loved ones, and help or seek out those who don’t have anyone nearby. Checking in on a neighbour with a jar of honey, organic candle and always a listening ear is a beautiful and rewarding way to connect with others and spread some love.

We send warm seasonal wishes your way for a happy and healthy time ahead – Merry Christmas Team Seaweed! x

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