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The festive season is upon us, so what could be jollier than getting some friends round to enjoy seasonal drinks by the fire?

For us at Seaweed HQ, spending time with those we love is one of life’s biggest joys, and this amber coloured cocktail is the perfect pairing to those cosy catch ups with the gang.

Using our sophisticated I Feel Sacral Chakra tea and mixing with our favourite rum and bubbles, this glass of gorgeousness oozes warmth and decadence. Created with a mix of rooibos, cacao peel and bourbon vanilla, the tea is a pure delight on its own and just heavenly when made into one of our favourite tipples of the season.

Focusing on our sacral chakra, this beautiful pure and organic treat centres our feelings and creativity, encourages self-expression (especially when paired with the rum!) and harnesses our ability to sense and understand others. All things we value highly yet rarely take the time to fix our attention on.

This crimbo, take a little time to make this beautiful drink for you and yours, and enjoy some moments of warmth and connection together.

We raise a glass to you! 

Makes two glasses:

Boil water and brew one large cup of the Sacral Chakra tea for about five minutes. Once cooled, add two shots of rum, lots of ice and Angostura Bitters to taste. Shake and half fill two coupe glasses with the mixture, topping up with bubbles of your choice.

The perfect gift to your system this season, and easy to enjoy on the go!

Post and share your creations @seaweedlimited and #purelovelife


With love, Team Seaweed x