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As we gain confidence in finally being able to enjoy a festive season without the restrictions of last year, founders Emma and Melanie relate their favourite party pieces, gifts and ways to keep well over the party season….

What do you love about this time of year? 

Emma: “I always get so excited about this time of year, and absolutely love watching the seasons change. Putting on wooly jumpers and getting outside to enjoy smelling the fresh air, with notes of log fires in the breeze. I’m a Christmas bunny and love getting wrapped up, treating my skin to rich lotions to aid with hydration as the cold weather snaps come in.”

Melanie: “I love starting to have more of the gorgeous hot drinks that we stock, the Turmeric Superfood blend is one of my favourites. Although I do consider myself more of a summer person and always hope to be lucky enough to feel some winter sun, I always love seeing the colours change by the sea, it’s beautiful.”  

What is your go to party prep? 

Emma: “I love to take some time for myself before I head off to a party, by pouring a glass of wine and  having a nice bath, it’s like a ritual! I use a little fake tan on my legs which gives the perfect glow – just enough not to have to wear tights and get my legs out with confidence! I listen to a little Vaya Con Dios as I get prepped, it gets me into the party mood! Our body cream pick for Vital Energy refreshes me and the smell is just heavenly, everyone always comments on it!”

Melanie “My party prep starts a little earlier! The week leading up to a big party, I like to prepare my face and body by using exfoliants, as well as nourishing lotions and potions. The Cleopatra Body Scrub is perfect for this time of year and I make sure to regularly use our Collagen Mask, to lift and brighten my complexion. That little extra week the week prior to a big event always means I head out feeling my best inside and out.”

Which Seaweed product would you like in your stocking this crimbo?

Which Seaweed product would you give as a secret Santa gift? 

Emma: “Its so hard to choose! This year, I would give the alpaca socks from MODM, because they are luxurious. They are so soft and ideal as bed socks, I totally love the company too.”

Melanie: “I do Secret Santa every year with my family, as there’s so many of us! For the past couple of years I have gifted a pot of honey which has gone down very well. Its so pure and delicious its often still talked about! I’ve also popped in a bottle of olive oil which has also been very well received.”

Melanie: “Spoiler alert if any family member reads this…I think this year I might give a candle, as they’re such a beautiful treat, scented with natural essential oils, handmade and 100% vegan.”

Emma: “Oh yes, I would give the Chai Organic candle, its incredible! They are displayed in a beautiful amber glass and its scent is warming and spicy – it’ll be what my house is smelling of this Christmas!”

Emma: “I would love the Ila Spa Little Body Treats – they’re great to take away on a break or if you’re staying with family over Christmas. One of our favourite Seaweed products is the Ila Body Oil, and then you have the scrub, balm and bath salts to paper yourself with too, its a winner!”


Melanie: “I gave my auntie that set for her birthday earlier this year, and she absolutely adored it! I would actually choose the oil for myself too, that smell really is beautiful and such a treat for your senses as well as your skin.”

Anything you take to keep well whilst burning the candle? 

Emma: “Absolutely, we have an ideal tried and tested regime that works for us, every day but especially during the chilly festive season. I put two teaspoons of Living Superfood in my smoothie every day (click here for the recipe!). If I miss a day, I notice it immediately! Ashwagandha helps the adrenals if I’ve enjoyed a glass of two of mulled wine, and then charcoal in the morning if I have overindulged. I also take zinc and vitamin D as they’re vital in keeping your immune system up, especially when you’re super busy and winter bugs are rife. I also make sure to keep up with my B-complex and omegas, to feel on top form no matter the occasion.”

Melanie: “That’s our Holy Grail! The only thing to add is that I consistently ensure I take my nutrients without fail, as they keep me feeling tip top no matter how late the party goes on! I have also started putting magnesium oil on my skin at night, as I found I was low in this vital mineral and while it boosts my levels, it also helps me drift off to sleep!”

Any parting words…

Emma: “Melanie’s very good at reminding me to keep up my nutrients, and I always notice the difference when it slips my mind!”

Melanie: “The only other recommendation which goes for party season and year-round, is to keep hydrated. Your skin is clearer, your body is refreshed and detoxified, and that extra glass of bubbles sits far better when bookended with a cool glass of aqua!”

Team Seaweed

We hope this gives you a little inspiration now prezzie shopping time is well and truly upon us, and that you all have a magical Christmas feeling fab. Check out Emma’s daily smoothie recipe here, and try it for yourself!

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