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Seaweed’s Co-Founder Emma talks pure living, wellness wonders and feeling better than ever, while growing Seaweed with her best friend Melanie.
Read on to be inspired!

What does living a Seaweed Life mean to you?

Our motto is living life to the full, as purely as possible and I feel this encompasses how I live a Seaweed Lifestyle. I enjoy life as best I can and believe that having fun and being kind to yourself is key. 

Taking a moment to do what you love means that every day brings with it the opportunity for fulfilment. For me, this is time with my family and friends, or taking a moment to read or meditate. 

Running Seaweed with my best friend Melanie demonstrates this lifestyle too – we’ve taken the plunge together doing what we love, which I hope in turn inspires our Mini Seaweeders to understand the value of health, living a pure life and pursuing your dreams.

Solaris Teas

What makes you feel your best?

Living the Seaweed Lifestyle of course! Looking after myself by taking nutrition is key, as I notice within days if I let that slip. Taking a moment each day for myself, whether it’s a face mask in the bath or simply a quiet cup of tea, gives me time to reflect and restore.

What helps you find that zest on an off day?

Taking our dog for a walk on the beach no matter the weather always blows away the cobwebs and makes me feel alive. I also adore Solaris’s Chakra Teas, and keep the whole range at home. When I’m feeling off balance I smell each jar and let my body choose which it needs. It’s a beautiful act of self love and a fun dinner party trick too!

How would someone looking to adopt a lifestyle of wellbeing begin? Finding the right products can be a minefield, let alone finding the motivation!

That’s why we’re here! We’re on this journey with you, and want to make it as easy as possible. 

Our website has accessible dropdown menus for particular concerns, and we welcome customer emails. We each have a wealth of experience in the holistic sphere, so although we’re not doctors or naturopaths, we can provide product recommendations specific to you based on our extensive research. 

Setting up a wellness routine is like brushing your teeth – once you’re into it, you do it without thinking! A good place to start is to invest in your everyday wellbeing by taking a daily nutrient, and then supporting your individual health by focusing on any areas specific to you.

Which products from your curation could you not live without?

That is such a tricky question, as we love the lot! Kiki Health’s Superfood is a daily staple, and I was amazed how quickly I noticed outward changes in my body – the whites of my eyes even got brighter! The Organic Pharmacy’s Antioxidant Serum and Gel have improved my skin no end, and I adore the smell and feel of Ila Spa’s Body Oil. A tiny bit on damp skin straight out the shower is all you need, I get regular compliments on the divine smell too!

How about in the kitchen, do you have a go-to pure ingredient?

Our Frantoi Cutrera Olive Oil without doubt! This olive oil is so fresh, it’s more like a juice and no other pure oil we tested came close to this one’s phenomenal taste! A drizzle over a salad is all you need to feel you’re lunching in Sicily, or roasted with feta, garlic, basil and tomatoes makes a fresh and memorable dish when mixed into our Liberto Edamame Spaghetti!

What are your proudest Seaweed moments so far?

When we hear that a product might not be readily available, we make it our mission to find an alternative. Oftentimes we can’t source anything that surpasses our offering. Although this may mean a speedy bulk buy, it makes me so proud knowing that our warehouse is chock full of the best wellness products out there. Growing wonderful relationships with our suppliers is also rewarding, and I’m very proud that we were the first people to stock Wild Nutrition in the UK. We know that when a customer places an order with us, they are going to be doing themselves or loved ones no end of good, but when they let us know just how much they’re enjoying a product, it’s so fulfilling!

Any parting words…

I have more energy and feel better on every level now at 47 than I did at 17 or 27, there is no better advocate for living the Seaweed Lifestyle than that! I wish I’d had the knowledge then that I do now, and am so thankful to have the opportunity to share the products that have enabled this with others.

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