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Skincare needn’t be a chore, especially when days are mild and we’re able to spend more time outdoors.

Here are some sure-fire tips direct from Seaweed HQ, to get summer skin sorted at speed so all you’re left to do is grab your sunnies and get out there!

Exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation!

We work from the soles of our feet up towards our hearts with our exfoliator of choice, the Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush. With natural bristles, it’s soft and gentle on the skin whilst being exceptionally effective. Body brushing stimulates the lymph and circulatory system, removes dead skin and boosts energy levels; who knew one little brush could achieve so much!

Body brushing is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the skin, and is so much better for the environment than many body scrubs, which often contain unnatural and non-degradable ingredients. If you do prefer a scrub, go for our Cleopatra Body Scrub, as it’s organic, infused with rose petals and you’ll leave your bath or shower feeling the Queen of Egypt herself!

Body oil benefits

Body brushing can take place pre or post shower – the choice is yours! 

We tend to brush after our showers when we’re nice and warm. Drop a small amount of Ila Spa’s Body Oil for Vital Energy onto the brush post shower, and gently sweep this into your skin for a luminous and heavenly start to your day. We believe this product is sunshine in a bottle and so many of our customers adore it too. Its scent is both zingy and luxurious and always puts a spring in our step! Combining the oil with body brushing on damp skin does wonders for skin hydration too – as you haven’t used a towel it locks in moisture and results in glowing skin that feels amazing.


Protection and care

Important year round but especially in the summertime, we use Jason’s Family Sun Screen on our bodies. All of Team Seaweed use this broad spectrum, tear proof and reef safe sun cream, which is good for the planet as well as our families.

For our faces, we couldn’t live without the Organic Pharmacy’s Cellular Sun Cream. Available in both SPF 30 and 50, we apply this over our daily moisturiser – it’s so smooth and light it feels like part of our beauty routine, nourishing and nurturing for skin flexibility and repair.

Overcast? Fake it!

We can hope for sunshine every day, but let’s face it, summer storms can be regular and we aren’t always blessed with the time to spend in the sunshine with work, chores and running around with the kids. On those days when you need a little extra glow, opt for the Organic Pharmacy’s Self Tan, which is super easy to apply, whilst also moisturising and leaving skin feeling super soft and supple.

Co-Founder Emma took one for the team and self tanned just one leg, to show how natural the look is! It’s so easy to apply, and can be mixed with your favourite pure body moisturiser for an even subtler look if preferred!

As Victoria Beckham’s favourite fake tan of all time, all we can end by saying is that if it’s good enough for Vicks, it might just be good enough for us!

We hope these tips from Seaweed HQ help enliven and brighten your summer skin simply – do let us know your favourites, we always love to hear from you @seaweedlimited!