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Co-founder Melanie inspires us to live life to the full the Seaweed way, caring for our bodies by combining fresh air, friends and a phenomenal selection of pure products to nourish and boost… 


What does living a Seaweed Life mean to you?

Living a Seaweed Lifestyle to me means living as naturally as possible and appreciating what you have, by enjoying fresh air, time with loved ones and speaking your truth. Living your life honestly and taking care of our delicate planet is all part of our ethos at Seaweed, as is appreciating the now and being open to change. 

What makes you feel your best?

I read once that to have a good morning, you need a good bedtime routine. This has stuck with me and I believe that taking a little time before bed to get set up for the morning means that your day will start off fabulously. I always try to read before bed and get my lemon water ready to enjoy first thing, as well as getting some celery prepped to whizz up into a celery juice before I head out. No matter how busy my day will be, it has a serene start!

Living a Seaweed Lifestyle means living life to the full, and as purely as possible. What helps you find that zest on an off day?

If I’ve gone off piste and have not had the best start to the day, having a healthy lunch or dinner helps me turn the day around and feel better. Taking ten minutes to simply sit in the fresh air and breathe always puts things into perspective, as does listening to an audiobook or doing a little exercise. There is huge value in calling a friend to send out some love too!

Which products from your curation could you not live without?

We’ve spent so long whittling down our collection, it’s so hard as each one is incredible! The Wild Nutrition range without a doubt, as after adding them to my diet I noticed changes in my body in no time. Ancient + Brave’s True Collagen is a staple too. As well as my gut health improving, it’s given me stronger hair and nails. I use two teaspoons of Kiki Health’s Superfood daily in my smoothies, and as well as tasting great, it’s such an easy way of getting my greens as well as dozens of vital nutrients.

Do you have a pure recipe you could share?

It’s not always greens and juices at Seaweed HQ, we really enjoy a pure treat from time to time! I love spending time in the kitchen making something truly decadent from the Raw Cake book. It’s written by two best friends with buckets of enthusiasm, so it resonates well with Emma and I. My personal favourite is the tiramisu. It takes a little time but is phenomenal, it’s such a luxurious and delicious treat!

What is your proudest Seaweed moment so far?

I think our launch has got to be up there, as we couldn’t believe we’d actually got our vision off the ground! Despite countless trials, we’ve just passed our third birthday and have more passion and energy for Seaweed than ever!

It’s also a real challenge searching for the absolute best wellness products out there, especially when we demand our suppliers also have respectable eco credentials. When we find one, it’s really rewarding! Looking for a pure sugar substitute was especially difficult, so we were thrilled to discover SugaVida, as it is without doubt the best of the best.

Knowing which pure and natural products we should buy is very difficult, there are so many! Can you give any advice to someone looking to dip their toes into the world of wellness?

We created Seaweed to make finding the best pure products accessible to everyone, so you’ve come to the right place! I think it’s vital to consume products that suit your body, so we’ve made sure our site is super easy to navigate depending on the area you’d like to focus on. 

I’d recommend Wild Nutrition’s Daily Nutrient (available for men, women and kids) and Ancient + Brave’s True Collagen to absolutely everyone. These two products are phenomenal and will benefit you inside and out from first use. If you’ve got these under your belt, you’ve already started a wonderful routine for wellbeing. Our blog includes lots of tips and tricks on specific areas of wellness, and is a great place to get inspired on your journey!


Any parting words…

Living well is a gift and shouldn’t be a chore, so try to incorporate good things into your week that you enjoy to boost your health. The gym isn’t for everyone, so if you prefer a video yoga class or a march in the forest, do that and enjoy the good it is bringing both your mind and body.

Life is there for living, so take the opportunities that come your way and remember that living healthily also means getting out and doing happy things. Don’t refuse an invitation if you know you’ll be eating less than perfectly there. Go for it, enjoy it and nourish your body with friends, and perhaps make sure to have a healthy breakfast beforehand!

Team Seaweed

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