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Ancient + Brave Co Founder Annelie (naturopath, herbalist, author, chocolate alchemist and former stunt double) is continually asked why she is so keen on intermittent fasting – here is her answer.

“As there is such a slew of benefits I will start with the one I am most driven by, improving my cognitive function and protecting my neurological system. Intermittent fasting affects brain function by massively increasing the production of a special protein called BDNF, which enhances brain function in areas such as special learning, pattern discrimination, contextual memory and mood regulation. A recent article in the journal ‘Cell Metabolism’ describes how intermittent fasting promotes neurogenesis of the hippocampus which deals with the formation of long-term memories and spatial navigation. A wealth of studies show how Intermittent fasting produces multi-system regeneration of brain tissue and a significant improvement in immune and brain function. Lifespan has also been shown to be increased, and the risk of inflammatory and metabolic diseases are reduced significantly”.

We have been trialling this and are blown away with the results. Mental clarity, energy levels, weight loss, glowing skin have all been noted among TEAM Seaweed. We are using and loving the coffee in the morning even on non fast days (check out the Brave Method below) and are giving the kids the Cacao and Collagen with mylk or Milk as a calming bedtime drink. It is now one of our staples.


The Brave Method is ancient wisdom made relevant by cutting edge science. Our simple lifestyle strategy can significantly improve your overall health through a balanced use of 14 to 16 hour fasting windows three to seven days a week. This is most easily achieved by transposing fasting hours across the night, for example, if you eat your last meal at 7pm you may typically eat again between 9am – 11am the following day.